‘It’s a man’s world’ Rubbish Day

Recently on rubbish day I was due to have lunch with my completely delightful friend, gender activist and artist Germaine DeLarch. I thought to dress a little gender non-specific for the occasion. Also, let’s be honest, taking out the trash is actually a man’s job. It turns out I’m not very good at being a dude; poor old 23thorns (charming husband) was beyond despairing at my inability to assume the positions. I did sing Walk like a man all day though and that has to count for something.

Not quite yet nailing manly

Not quite yet nailing manly

It's a man's world 2

Probably not quite there yet.

It's a man's world 3

Nailed it! I’m a dude.


About tracyloveshistory

I have an inordinate fondness for a long time ago. I write about history and my family's place in it; clothes, shoes, war, memory, loss and whatever else takes my fancy. I wear red lipstick every second day and I dress up. A lot. Photograph by the extraordinary Ben Skinner at Arwen Garnentry.

4 responses to “‘It’s a man’s world’ Rubbish Day

  1. Don’t worry, Tracy, I don’t do manly very well either (although I’ve been told I tend to swagger when I walk, which is completely unintentional!). Love the photos – I feel manly just looking at them 😉

  2. I’m pretty sure it was the shoes that gave it away! 🙂

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