The Flintstones’ Rubbish Day

Last week Thursday we had an apocalyptic hail storm in Johannesburg. Since then 23Thorns, the two apples of our eyes and I have been living in the Dark Ages. The really dark, no-electricity, dark ages. We have power for, on average, about 8 hours a day. It is annoying beyond speech. The delightful folk at Eskom now tell us that cable thieves are causing the havoc. I want to beat both the cable thieves and the malfunctioning pylons with a giraffe bone.

And so it is, I present to you The Flintstones’ Rubbish Day. Welcome to our new, very ancient world. We have gone feral, I’m afraid.


Please feel free to drop in for dinner. The stove and microwave are on the blink but, ever crafty, we have made a plan.


Giraffe is on the menu and unless you work for Eskom, I promise we won’t bite.



Happy Wednesday everybody. May yours be filled with light and laughter.


About tracyloveshistory

I have an inordinate fondness for a long time ago. I write about history and my family's place in it; clothes, shoes, war, memory, loss and whatever else takes my fancy. I wear red lipstick every second day and I dress up. A lot. Photograph by the extraordinary Ben Skinner at Arwen Garnentry.

7 responses to “The Flintstones’ Rubbish Day

  1. Bob

    You just reminded me…I forgot to put out the wednesday rubbish.

  2. Thank goodness for summer salads… IF you can get the kids to eat them. Not to mention chucking any thawed freezer meat onto the braai (did I spell it right?)

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