Lego Rubbish Day

It has been a day from the seventh circle. The shining light in a day of sibling death matches, tears, shouting, running out of coffee, and dog food, (Never fear, the dogs had crepes for supper. I had a headache from caffeine deprivation) soccer practice, and mad washerwoman antics (it’s still raining) was The Lego Movie. My son is on his half-term break and we dashed out of the house early this morning in order to make the first showing. This means, however, that he took one hasty photograph just before we laid some rubber in our quiet suburban street. I shoved sponges into my cardie to square myself up – forgive that they are flower-shaped. (They were a stroke of genius as they also served as black lipstick removers in the car en route to the movie theatre). I was given strict 9 3/4 year-old instructions on how to stand, and ta da…I’m Lego. I’m also exhausted. See you next week.



Singing in the Rain but not Rubbish Day

oh dear! I published this on the wrong blog. Apologies.

It has been raining. A lot. It has rained consistently for 10 days or more. Our house is starting to smell like a cave, the dogs are always wet, to say nothing of the children, and I am developing concerns about the black mould that Dr House so often looks for as the cause of near-certain death growing in secret damp corners.

I woke up this morning to another grey day and thought, “Gene Kelly! I can rock a song and dance”. 23 Thorns has gone back to work in a 9-5 job, so I was short a photographer. I took the rubbish out with my snazzy hat but there was nobody to record it. Most fortunately, on contacting a friend, I discovered that it was plastics day in Fourways Gardens. Into my mom car I hopped and off I dashed, for another travelling rubbish day. Most unfortunately, by the time I arrived, the sun had come out for the first time in weeks, so I present to you Singing in the No Rain. Thank heavens for puddles!









Happy Wednesday everybody! If the rain never stops, Puddle jump more. It’s wicked cool 🙂