Deeliteful Rubbish Day

After a rather lengthy absence due in part to the fact that the council moved our rubbish collection day to Monday (who has time to be a lunatic on a Monday morning?), I am back with another special request Rubbish Day production.

The absolutely delightful Carrie Sanders from CSSM Consulting suggested that as I had always reminded her of Lady Miss Kier from Deelite it would be delightful (see what I’m doing here?) if I would go out into the road on a chilly Monday morning looking like this:


Never one to turn up my nose at an opportunity to wander the streets of Johannesburg in fishnet tights, I roped the kids in.


I am rather fond of this “Mom, a car is coming shot”. The girl child’s refusal to step out of character bodes well for a career on stage.


Have a groovy week, everybody. I’m going inside now to put some pants on.

Groove is in the Heart 🙂

And then, just because and with thanks to Louis Greenberg…



About tracyloveshistory

I have an inordinate fondness for a long time ago. I write about history and my family's place in it; clothes, shoes, war, memory, loss and whatever else takes my fancy. I wear red lipstick every second day and I dress up. A lot. Photograph by the extraordinary Ben Skinner at Arwen Garnentry.

3 responses to “Deeliteful Rubbish Day

  1. Oh wow, how fundamentally selfish of your council. That is just not on. Well done for your dedication to the cause! Jo’burg winters scared me in so many ways, i would have been too grumpy and miserable to step foot outside. (I would have been too far a detour from my house-car-office regime).

    • You’re telling me. It took us three weeks to work it out too. We though PikiTup was striking and they were just arriving late every week – very late.

      I dread the winters here. Dread them. Luckily they are short-ish.

  2. BWahahahahahahahahahaha! Love it.. #MumTheCarIsComingShot


    That rude council. Can we sue for the inconvenience?

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