Little Sparrow Rubbish Day

Edith Piaf was 1.47m tall. That’s 4ft9-ish. She was really exceptionally tiny. When she died of liver cancer at the age of 47, her last words – “Every damn fool thing you do in this life, you pay for.” – were probably not very much in the spirit of ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’.

But today is Little Sparrow day. It is indomitable tiny person with huge voice day. It is don’t regret the bad things day, or the good. It is all of these things because I bought caged bird earrings, and then I needed bird shoes to match, and then in walking around the shops for the first time in a week because I was without wheels pending an expensive clutch replacement, I noticed quite how dreary winter is. Black shoes. Brown shoes. Beige coats. Grey scarves. In defiance of beige, I have taken to the skies. I am a bird. With goosebumps and shivers and vertigo. I’m more of a carnival bird than a little sparrow and I’m 17ft tall on the dustbin. But what is lacking in accuracy and grace is made up for in enthusiasm and colour-clashing of epic proportion.








About tracyloveshistory

I have an inordinate fondness for a long time ago. I write about history and my family's place in it; clothes, shoes, war, memory, loss and whatever else takes my fancy. I wear red lipstick every second day and I dress up. A lot. Photograph by the extraordinary Ben Skinner at Arwen Garnentry.

6 responses to “Little Sparrow Rubbish Day

  1. I like your rubbish day being moved to Monday. Aside from the fact we share rubbish day, it makes a Monday a much more delightful day knowing that I can look forward to your post. πŸ™‚

  2. We totally need to hire you out on a packed London commuter train in the dead of winter. Everyone wears black and everyone is quietly miserable. I often wondering if I’d get lynched for dancing in the aisles.

    • When I was a teen all I would wear was black and I had the Wonder Woman blue-black hair. My fairy godmother would plead with me to try on some colour. Perhaps this is rebellion against rebellion.

  3. #LoveThis – I see the weeks have now stopped for the dress up for rubbish collection. Prayers that everything is okay!


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