Deeliteful Rubbish Day

After a rather lengthy absence due in part to the fact that the council moved our rubbish collection day to Monday (who has time to be a lunatic on a Monday morning?), I am back with another special request Rubbish Day production.

The absolutely delightful Carrie Sanders from CSSM Consulting suggested that as I had always reminded her of Lady Miss Kier from Deelite it would be delightful (see what I’m doing here?) if I would go out into the road on a chilly Monday morning looking like this:


Never one to turn up my nose at an opportunity to wander the streets of Johannesburg in fishnet tights, I roped the kids in.


I am rather fond of this “Mom, a car is coming shot”. The girl child’s refusal to step out of character bodes well for a career on stage.


Have a groovy week, everybody. I’m going inside now to put some pants on.

Groove is in the Heart 🙂

And then, just because and with thanks to Louis Greenberg…